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Waiting on my wheel...

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mantooth012 said...
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Looks like I should be receiving my new PC driving wheel today. I started cheap with the Thrustmaster ferrari gt wheel. I have never owned a racing wheel for any system before (which is just stupid becauseI love racing games)...so figured I would start with a cheap one and see how I like it.

The wheel has enough of the features I wanted and at $40 bucks who could go wrong, on top of that it was fairly well reviewed when it was released (noting that it IS a budget wheel)...I just cant sink $100 for a MOMO or more for a G25 yet, but if I get hooked, maybe next year I will consider it.

I downloaded GTR2 from gamesgate.com last night so I am all ready to rock...hopefully set up won't be too much of a chore.

GTR 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 26/SEP/06
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SO i got the wheel and set it up last night. Now I really wasn't expecting much from a $40 wheel, but straight out of the box I was already impressed with the look and feel of the product. It was a bit heftier than I thought it would be, and didn't feel like crappy plastic. It was a cinch to install and is a blast to use. If I get a year out of it I will be more than happy with this purchase.
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